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Pastel on toned paper 


19 1/2”  x  25 1/2” 

$1200 per person

Includes head and shoulders


30”  x  40” 

   $2200 per person

Includes face and upper half body 

 Composition fee applies for more

than one person



Pastel on toned paper


20”  x  26” 

   $3600  --  Complete pet, per animal life-sized (for cats and smaller dogs)


28”  x  39” 

   $5000  --  Complete pet, per animal


 Composition fee applies for more than one animal


People included with pets and specific backgrounds or locales to be discussed. Additional fees may apply.





Pencil on Bond Paper


19” x 24”

   $500 per person. Includes head and shoulders


Up to 30” x 40” 

   $800 per person. Includes face and upper half body 

Composition fee applies to more than one person


Backgrounds to be discussed with client. Additional fees may apply.


Art is drawn on paper with a high-percentage mix of premium cotton and high quality cellulose. It is acid-free and archival, so it will last for generations. 



Portraits are mostly drawn from reference photographs the artist takes. Photo sessions last about one hour and are taken in the studio, outdoors or in a specific setting. There is no charge for the session or photographs. All portraits are life-size.

 If there is more than one person (or animal) in the art, subjects are photographed together to control lighting. Existing photos will be considered, but it is up to the artist’s discretion, as there has to be a certain clarity of detail, lighting and gesture that will be acceptable to create a good portrait. Professional photos will be considered, but permission is required from the original photographer.


The artist selects 8-10 photographs that meet her standards to make an acceptable drawing reference. These are forwarded to the client for discussion and final selection.


Composition decisions, using sketches, are mutually agreed upon. During the drawing process, the artist allows one visit near the beginning stages to review placement, add comments and for overall general acceptability.


A portrait could take from one to three months, depending on the commission schedule. A deposit of 10% is required to be on the wait list.



Finished pieces are covered with a tissue overlay and are backed with acid-free paper (or often rolled.)  Pastels require glass and a matte for display with the frame.




Most pastels are done on a toned background - which is a standard for the medium.

Pastels on toned background are limited to the size of paper available (up to 30” x 40”.)  Larger and oversized formats can be discussed. All sizes indicate paper size.




A 35% deposit is required after the photo selection has been agreed upon and before the art is begun. Customers may reject a finished portrait but once the artwork has been started the deposit is not refundable. Balance is due upon pick-up.

Prices may vary for odd sizes and for additional or more difficult content. Prices do not include matting, framing or NY sales tax.



Any expenses incurred by the artist to travel beyond a 30-mile radius of New York City will be added to the final cost of the art.

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